After a few months of analysis and development, December 1, 2003, I put at your availability the first software of Numismatic Management FREE "JGFMONNAIE" with the starting base of the coins of the 15 countries of the Euro zone.

To obtain the software there are 2 possibilities: - if you have the ADSL you can download the following files :

- The Complete Version (Version - February 5, 2019).
- Starting base of Euros ( Version of March 21,2007 ). ATTENTION!!!!! the file made 24Mo !!!!
- The base of the Francs of the 5th Republic is finally available!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!! the file made 28Mo!!!!! Thus do not hope too to download it if you do not have the ADSL!!!!!!!

JGFMONNAIE for Mobile :

I am looking for testers. If you are interested, please contact me from the contact me page.
This will allow us to arrange for me to provide you with a download link while we wait to put it on the Play Store.

 Our friend Didier developed 26 bases for JGFMONNAIE because it collects parts of all the countries of the world. I warmly thank it for this so invaluable contribution. The various bases are below and I would add them progressively time that I will have the free one...

-   2 €uros Commémorative  - Germany - Austria - Bank Notes - Belgium - Canada - Eastern Countries - Euros Boxes - Euros Collection

-   Euros Boxes  -   Spain

-   Francs Boxes -   Francs Collection - Francs III and IV Republique

- Don't forget The list of the users (update of August, 25 2005 )  if you make an update (to be downloaded in the directory of JGFMONNAIE) .

If you install a base file for the first time!!!  The following procedure must be performed when you are in JGFMONNAIE without taking into account any possible messages: click on "tools" then "change collection". Then click on "create". indicate "Euros" (if you have downloaded the uros database) as a collectible name. The files will then be recognized. All you have to do now is select the line of the collection you just created and then click on "OK".
I will enter the names for the other files as I download them.

When you download a database, you will go to the directory where you saved the file and you will have to "unzip" the file (for example Euros.exe) in the directory where you installed the software (for example: c:\jgfmonnaie) or in the sub-directory corresponding to the collection of uros (for example: c:\jgfmonnaie euros). You will then be ready to use JGFMONNAIE!!!!!

You will do the same with the files that default to intalling in the directory c:\jgfmonnaie Nomdelabase (avoid saving in c:\program files because of the specific Windows rights related to this directory). Then don’t forget to create this collection.

 If you can’t download the files, you can ask me for an installation CD by sending me an email. I would simply ask you to participate in the costs (CD, bubble bag, postage) which I would calculate at the time of the shipment but which should be around 5 uros. In the mail you will give me your complete contact information for the shipment and I will do my utmost to send you the CD as quickly as possible.

February 05, 2019 : The new version allows to connect JGFMONNAIE for PC and JGFMONNAIE for Mobile.
Yes!!!! The JGFMONNAIE version for Mobile will arrive in a few days. You can now download this new version of JGFMONNAIE for PC in order to be ready to download and use JGFMONNAIE for Mobile.
You will be able to send your collection to Android phone and/or tablet thanks to the new export feature.
And you can even import it back into JGFMONNAIE for PC if you have made changes in your database in the version for Mobile.

March 21, 2007 : I made some small minor modifications, always for your user-friendliness. Furthermore, as you certainly noticed it, the site " professionalized ' in passing there " .fr ". Of the blow my address email changed and makes windows in it "about" needed a small modification. If you have the version 5.00A you can click here to download the version 5.00B of JGFMONNAIE (you just have to install it in the directory of the software).

May 26, 2006 : A new version of JGFMONNAIE arrived !!!!!!  There are some modifications but especially an evolution of the workshop of development: in the card parts there are 2 new fields "pulling BU" and "Pulling Proof".  The stage coach "managed in collection" is updated automatically if the quantity in stock is higher than zero. Finally an innovation: "to make a gift".  JGFMONNAIE is FREE and it will remain it. But the software of development costs increasingly expensive and it is difficult to update them. And, however, they are necessary to the good quality of the final software.  Then I call some with the good hearts which wish to reward me for my efforts and to thus contribute to the improvement of JGFMONNAIE. To update the software it is necessary to download the complete version in top of this page and to install it at the same place as the preceding version.  I advise you to make a safeguard of the directory of JGFMONNAIE before it update (one knows never...) and do not hesitate to go over the forum or to send an email to me if you encounter difficulties.

December 09, 2005 :  I made some modifications on the translation in English and also some small adaptations to the level of the code of the software.  On the other hand the workshop of development which enables me to conceive JGFMONNAIE evolved. I thus advise you to download the complete version so that files DLL are quite up to date.

August 03, 2005 :     I made 2 small improvements: you can choose the basic image of the screens. For that, it is enough to go in "various parameter settings" and to inform a basic image.  I also passed the zone "value facial" to 4 digits after the comma (in particular for the foreign currencies).  I also benefitted from it to remove the button "print" in the list of the parameters because it caused a planting and I found that the list was not very useful.

July 27, 2005 :    I rectified some small anomalies: I added an option "reindexation of the files" in small "the tools" if you make suppressions in the files that allow to recover the released place.  I also regulated 2 small anomalies in the card "Coins" (if one seized a code manually slices, for example, without leaving this fields  and by then clicking on the button "ok", the seizure was not memorized) as in the list of the sections (the combo positioned on "Z - Others" and not on "9 - Slices")
June 06, 2005 :   I rectified some small anomalies: when a photo was put and that one made "following card" the photo was not memorized.

June 02, 2005 :  I rectified some inconsistencies of language in the English version of JGFMONNAIE.

May 26, 2005 :  The new version is a large evolution!!!! The English version is finally available...  To use English JGFMONNAIE it is enough to go in "files" then "various parameters" and to select the language of use.  It is then enough to start again JGFMONNAIE so that it is in the new language.

May 12, 2005 :  I corrected some anomalies in the program: the zoom of the photographs planted sometimes if the sub-directory "images" were not to create with the installation.  Now there creates it si' he is not the request for creation of a part (in the case of a base empties) planted if one clicked on the buttons "< =" and "=>".  Always for these 2 buttons, if one had modified the card one lost the modifcations by clicking now the program above asks whether you wish to validate the modifications.  When one created a new "article" with the validation the list of the articles of the part did not refresh... it is corrected...

January 16,r 2005 :  I corrected an anomaly in the card "article" when one manages the part with only one photograph: it was always the photo credits of the part which was posted when one was going to seek an image on the disc.  I have also to bring 2 innovations, always on the level of the photographs: if you make a right click on the zones of the photographs you can henceforth either erase the image or to export it in a file with format JPEG.  This innovation is valid in the card coin and the card article.

January 15,2005 :  I added a new state: the List of the purchases in progress will enable you to know which coins will soon come to enrich your collection. This state is sorted by country/year/facial/made out value/variety.

January 11, 2005 :  I added in the card part new fields: "in the course of acquisition". this zonne will be tested in the edition of the list of the missing coins what will make it possible to hold account of the coins to you which you are about to obtain (the case for example of purchases on ebay and which puts a sometimes little time to reach you...). I also modified this list to make visible the variety at the beginning of list and either in the coin of right-hand side which is hidden.

January 04, 2005 :  The language in which was written JGFMONNAIE having evolved/moved he will be necessary you to download the complete version at the beginning of this page: passage of the version 3.00R to the version 3.50A, change of files DLL... While waiting for the next modifications which will come on version 3.50

January 03, 2005 :  A small modification which relates to the management of the photographs: there was a problem of management of the posting of the photographs (1 or 2 pictures) according to the selected configuration.  I added the choices of images GIF in the selector of images as well as the possibility of posting images JPG, BMP and GIF at the same time.

December 29, 2004 :  This modification relates to improvements of an "aesthetic" nature: correction of certain spelling mistakes, buttons "comment" of the coin part  and article card-indexes it transfer with the red if comments were seized, the list of the contacts was modified to add the country and the portable. I began the translation of the software in English and it will be available during January 2005.

December 19, 2004 :  This update relates to 2-3 modifications which have their importance as each time: if one closed the list of the parameters with the cross, the program was planted. there is no more cross and it is henceforth necessary to click on the button "to close".  When one modified the view of the photographs (1 or 2 photographs) the program was going to seek a photograph which did not correspond to the part in the course of modification. When there are several collections the program did not memorize well the view of the photographs for each collection.

November 30,2004 :  It was time to make a small modification!!! In the card part one can pass directly to the following card or the preceding card (without returning to the list) while clicking on the 2 new buttons in bottom on the right of the screen  or then while pressing on "Preceding Page" ("PgUp") or "Following Page" ("Pg Dwn"). I also added in bottom of the edition the wording of the version of JGFMONNAIE.

October 06, 2004 :  a small modification: in the edition of the collection I added, on the edition paper, the column workshop (important especially for Germany!!!).

September 30, 2004 :  This new version brings an innovation: safeguard of the files. You can parameterize JGFMONNAIE so that it makes an autosaving when you leave the software. A screen of parameter setting will open the first time.  You will give the information following: compression of the file (or not), repertory of destination (disc, CDRW, diskette ZIP, key USB, another PC in a network...), the name of the collection to be safeguarded (or "all"),  autosaving (or not), posting or not of the screen of safeguard.

September 16, 2004 :  This version makes a small improvement: in the history of the sales as well as the history of the purchases it is mossible of supprimmer a sale or a purchase.  Stock is updated consequently. I also regulated a problem of scanning of the photographs on line (the 2 zones "picture" did not put myself always up to date....

September 07, 2004 :  This version corrects an anomaly in the list of selection of the coins in the data entry screen of the sales (the coins were badly sorted) but also a small improvement in the table of the coins; I added the variety in the columns.

September 03, 2004 :  This new version brings one small improvement: the columns of the table "coins" are redimensionnables and the software memorizes the configuration....

August 31, 2004 :  The new version makes 2 small improvements: in the list of the collector's items (stock) one can see the parts which are "to yield" (that avoids going in the card stock to see the detail...).  In the criteria of selection for the edition of the list of the coins, I added the workshop and the variety like criteria of selection.

August 12, 2004 :  I have just made a improvement to JGFMONNAIE: it is now possible of zoomer the images in order to see more in detail the coins.  And this, in the coin part but also in the card "articles". Attention however with the quality of the zoom because it depends also partly on the resolution adopted at the time of scanning...

August 07, 2004 :  A small update for some modifications in order to improve quality of JGFMONNAIE: the button "to duplicate" in the list of the coins did not function any more as well as the button "to remove".  The return of the card coins was hurt if one clicked on the button "to cancel". I modified the sorting of the list of the coins to be yielded. It is done in the following order: value, the wording, year and quality.

August 04, 2004 :  A small update for a correction and an improvement: there was a problem with the photograph avers card coin when new coins were created (because of the possibility of having only one picture).  In the screen of selection to publish the list of the parts, one can now select either all the parts, or those managed in collection or or those which are not managed in collection.

July 27, 2004 :  Go!!!! after a few holidays, it is high time of remprendre the rate/rhythm of the modifications of JGFMONNAIE. Thus here a new version which corrects an anomaly...:  if there are several collections, if libbellés of qualities are different in each collection, they did not change when one changed collection without thus leaving the software it is rectified!!!!!

July 08, 2004 :  A new version of JGFMONNAIE sees the day... the Version 3.00A is an important evolution but without any modificiation of structure of the files. The innovation (which was awaited by step badly collectors) is as follows: JGFMONNAIE becomes MULTI-COLLECTION.  Henceforth it will not be necessary any more to install the software as many once as there is collection. It is enough to only one installation and then to parameterize the collections used...  When you return in JGFMONNAIE, a small window proposes to you to choose among the various parameterized collections. If there is only one of them, this window does not appear.  You can however invite it by "Tools" then "To change collection". In this screen you can: select, create (the files are empty), import (the files are preserved),  duplicate (only the files parameters and coins are preserved) a collection. There is no limit on the level of the possible number of collections.

 December 1, 2003 to July 04, 2004: The version 1.00 (of A with N) underwent some evolutions continuations with your requests:

- addition of zones Expenses, Goes back to Purchase and Date from Sale in the card article
- addition of a window "About..." with the possibility of reaching directly on this site or of addressing a mall directly to me
- modification of the program so that it checks on the site if a new version of the software exists
- addition of the edition of the collection and the edition of the list of the missing coins
- addition of a zone of comments in the card coins like in the card Stock
- addition of a zone Quantity in the card Stock
- addition of a function of direct scannerisation of your parts
- addition of an option "recalculation of stock"
- modification of the window of the list of the parts for those and those which have a posting in 1024*768